The Relationship Between Metabolism & Aging

Make your cells act like they did when they were younger.
Here’s why an increasing number of people are trying the clinically
studied supplement, nicotinamide riboside, aka NR.


In 2004, Dr. Charles Brenner, a Stanford-educated PhD specializing in cancer biology, discovered nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3 that helps our cells produce a coenzyme called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). The scientific community was impressed by Dr. Brenner’s research, as he identified something that could potentially help the aging population to maintain muscle mass and generate cellular energy.

Increased NAD allows our cells to convert the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates we eat into the energy we need to maintain optimal health. It also kick-starts our longevity genes to regulate the aging of cells and the chemical and biological processes that help keep us healthy and active.

While NAD is naturally occurring, its levels naturally decline in our bodies with age. That leaves your cells to fight over a shrinking supply of NAD resources. Dr. Brenner recommends NR supplementation to boost NAD levels and support healthy aging. NR is commercially known as NIAGEN®.

ChromaDex, the patent-holder of Niagen, previously only sold NR to supplement brands, but recently made NR available directly to consumers under the brand name TRU NIAGEN®.

Food For Your Cells

The science can get complex, but think of it this way: You fuel your body with foods and nutrients to keep you looking and feeling your best. Your cells can benefit from that same care and attention.

Increased NAD levels help give your metabolism an extra boost to help your cells run more efficiently as you get older.

While other forms of vitamin B3 can help increase NAD levels, such as niacin and niacinamide, they have limitations and inefficiencies that NR does not have.

Clinically Studied On Humans

The results of the first human study demonstrated that NR can increase NAD levels in the blood. Three additional published clinical studies have continued to support that Niagen is both a safe and effective way to increase NAD levels for longer periods of time. The two most recent studies also showed that Niagen may have potential for supporting cardiovascular and liver health.

While scientists have been researching NAD’s role in energy production for more than a century, the most recent studies show promising signs for its impact on human health. Based on the coenzyme’s participation in vital cellular processes like generating energy and regulating metabolism, it’s clear that paying attention to the health of your cells is integral to your overall well-being. Because if your cells are functioning optimally, you can, too.